SEAL Systems’ Solutions: Top Trends

by Debra Garls

SEAL’s Top Solutions: SAP Output Management & Conversion


SEAL Systems’ two popular solutions in 2018 were:

  • SAP Output Management Solution – helps with printing and distribution from SAP
  • Conversion Solution – automates the file-to-document conversion process

SEAL Systems helped our clients achieve significantly increased productivity and reduced human errors in 2018 with these solutions.

Successful companies are moving in this direction as they consider efficiencies to be gained for 2019.

Recent surveys of business leaders show that companies need flexible IT solutions that work with a variety of devices and allow employees to be more productive. This is where SEAL Systems excels.

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SAP Output Management

SEAL Systems’ SAP output management is a printing solution for SAP. With our solution, your company can issue documents, forms and files together from different SAP environments.

SAP Document Printing

SEAL Systems’ Document Distribution Director (DDD) gives a print function to the below systems:

  • SAP DVS (document management system)
  • ArchiveLink
  • Object Services, Generic Object Services (GOS)
  • SAP Folders Management, Records Management, cFolders, Product Lifecycle Management

Our Document Distribution Director acts like an online shopping cart. First, you fill the SAP systems’ “shopping cart” with the objects and data you need. Then, you set the print parameters (e.g., number of copies, machine, scaling). And that’s it! Our Output Management System does the rest.

Screenshot-DDD-1200-en SEAL Systems’ Solutions: Top Trends

Printing and Digital Distribution

With SEAL Systems’ solution, print and digital distribution are both possible.

  • Print. Our solution makes it possible to set printer output as a complete batch – or you can include additional information on endpapers.
  • Digital. Want to use a distribution portal? Not a problem! Electronic distribution as a PDF via email attachment or print-to-file – are possible with our solution.

Distribution Is Logged

SAP shows what was distributed when and to whom. And, with SEAL Systems, all document batches can be provided with a timestamp.

When additional documents come from a system with status and version management, many businesses want this validity information to be visible. SEAL Systems can do that too! Object or process related stamps or watermarks are standard with our solution.

Conversion Solution

SEAL Systems’ conversion solution automates all the requirements that your company’s file-to-document conversion requires.

In addition to our central document conversion solution, our service also completes additional tasks that apply to business processes: documents are given a digital signature, accompanying metadata – and the document is given extra protection in the event of being forwarded into uncertain territory.

SEAL Systems’ Corporate Conversion Server

Our corporate conversion server is an efficient conversion engine. It automatically completes all the requirements of the file conversion on a company-wide basis. The server can also be integrated into a company’s current IT landscapes using flexible interfaces.


For implementation, SEAL Systems will integrate the system into your current system’s infrastructure.

  • SAP. SEAL Systems’ conversion services can be expanded with additional functions
  • Teamcenter. Our document management system for Siemens PLM Teamcenter can convert your documents into PDF or TIFF
  • SharePoint. SEAL Systems’ conversion server can help SharePoint users convert files
  • Email. Our conversion email service makes it easy to integrate conversion jobs into current processes
  • Callback. SEAL Systems’ server can activate your company’s rewriting function and use it to transfer the finished result

Additional Functions

SEAL Systems document conversion solution can also…

  • Turn your documents into PDF/As
  • Add Stamps and Watermarks automatically
  • Convert CAD documents into neutral long-term formats
  • Add Digital Signatures of the approving editor

Direct Publishing

SEAL Systems’ Direct Publishing collaborates data and files automatically to create a new document. The data for this process can be located anywhere and can be distributed across several sources.

Format Conversions

SEAL Systems can convert your files into documents for you – and in unchanged form! Or, we can compile your documents into complete documentation.

Here is a list of formats SEAL Systems can convert:

Konvertierungsformate SEAL Systems’ Solutions: Top Trends

Interested in SEAL Systems’ Solutions? Contact Debra (email, LinkedIn) for more information.

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