The automated price list as a tool

by Dr. Uwe Wächter

Today we take a slightly different look at the subject of price lists. The price list is still the central element in a company’s sales. In contrast to the product catalog, it does not serve any special advertising purpose but is instead a tool for buyers and sellers. With our SEAL DPF* price list solution we introduce ourselves as your toolmaker.

*DPF = Digital Process Factory


The price list creation

Whether digital or print, automation has long since found its way into price list creation. The manual generation of a price list is no longer up to date today, as price lists are highly individual, especially in the B2B environment. Customer-specific price lists are often required because different purchasing conditions are negotiated per customer, and not every customer is interested in all of the manufacturer’s products. In addition, prices or the product range change regularly and without automated creation, the response time to changes is no longer competitive – quite apart from the fact that manual creation is associated with a very high level of effort and error susceptibility.

To stay in the tool analogy: Instead of a screwdriver, you should use a cordless screwdriver if you need it regularly. It does most of the work, saving you time, and protecting your joints.

3D-CAD-Image-297x300 The automated price list as a tool

Tailor-made contents

If the price list itself is seen as a tool, the basis must be the automated provision of tailor-made content for the respective recipient. A simple EIA price list of the entire available product range certainly has a right to exist, but in the end, the customer is only interested in the relevant offer. Ideally, the customer and his own sales department receive a price list with the corresponding filtered product range and the individually agreed prices. A challenge when merging the contents of a price list is that the necessary information is often stored in different places. Product information such as product name, EAN or a product description can usually be found in the ERP system, whereas product images or customer-specific information can be stored in a MAM or CRM system. At the latest, when the relevant data is stored in more than one system, the information must flow together at another point and be processed together. With our SEAL DPF price list solution, we offer you exactly that. We can connect any number of systems via almost any interface technology, automatically merge their data, process them in individual form, and output them as PDF. You do not need a PIM system or an expensive InDesign server.


Price lists that can do more

In the e-commerce environment, usability – the user-friendliness of a solution – has always played an important role. A shopping experience that is as comfortable and intuitive as possible undoubtedly increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. We adapt this claim to our solution, with which you can generate PDF price lists at the push of a button, which offer you and your customers added value and with which you can work efficiently and gladly. A price list should not only consist of product data and prices but should also be supplemented by useful features and designed in a clear form. Our standard solution offers you the following features:

  • Clearness
    • Categorization of products
    • Creation of tables of contents
    • Free design through individual templates
  • Efficiency and individualization
    • Inserting barcodes for easy item identification using a scanner
    • Application of stamps (approvals, period of validity, …)
    • Inserting the customer logo and other customer data
  • Digital features
    • Bookmarks and links in the PDF file
    • Linking to other documents – e.g., to detailed DPF4Publish product documentation
    • Integration of digital signatures (guarantee of authenticity)
    • Encoding
  • Print features
    • Inserting separator sheets
    • Creation of cover & backside
    • Optimizations for letterpress printing


The SEAL DPF technology allows us maximum flexibility, and so we offer you individual developments according to your wishes besides the standard features. We will gladly support you in the automated creation of your price lists and thus offer you a universal tool for you and your customers.


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