SEAL Systems’ International Meeting Showcased the Importance of Innovative Cloud Solutions

by Debra Garls

Last month, SEAL Systems held its first fully International SEAL Systems Summer University in Schweinfurt, Germany including the global offices of all SEAL Systems locations from France, Germany, and the United States.

The event gave all SEAL Systems staff a chance to meet, exchange ideas, and learn about new software technologies, inventive development, and project best practices. With the whole company together in one place, we found the conversations and exchanges worthwhile and hope to share much of the information with our customers and partners.

Cloud Solutions Are the Future

A consistent theme during the entire event centered on a topic that has been prevalent all year – the Cloud.

Why Are Cloud Products in Demand?

Interest in cloud software products is increasing because of their flexibility – and because they are more cost-effective. According to a recent article in Forbes, more than $1.3T in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to the cloud by 2022.

SEAL Cloud Products

We’ve created new cloud products to respond to the increase in demand for cloud solutions. The following are some of the newest cloud-based solutions.

Document Output with a Cloud Environment

Are you managing multiple locations with devices spanning the globe? We can wrangle all of that together, place it in the cloud, and make it turn-key. Our distribution solutions make it possible for our customers to achieve output management in a cloud environment.

Spool Output

Our SAP spool output cloud solution enables companies to control and monitor all output processes from SAP. It enhances and optimizes the standard SAP output functionality and ensures continuous transparency of distribution for cloud platform users and administrators.

Cloud-Based Document Distribution

Cloud-based document distribution transforms the output process by making it more cost-effective, flexible, and confidential. Read our past blog — Why Your Company Needs Cloud-Based Document Distribution — to learn how you can optimize your output process with document distribution via the cloud.

Keep Documents Secure with Our Mobile App

Need to get to a meeting, but don’t want your financial documents or contracts with sensitive information out on the printer before you can get there? With Secure and Pickup Printing, send your output to SEAL and when you get to the printer scan a barcode with your phone – or use the local pin pad to request your output. It’s as easy as bringing your phone!

App rollout can also be fully automated via Mobile Device Management (MDM).

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