SEAL Customer Connect Road Trip: Highlights in Innovation, Customer Service, and Reliable Solutions

by Debra Garls

From June 3-7, SEAL Systems embarked on our first-ever customer appreciation road trip. The trip covered 780 miles, took us through four states, and amounted to an 11 hour and 46-minute drive. Why did we do it? To have an opportunity to meet our customers face-to-face. Over the week, we were able to hear firsthand how our solutions are helping companies – and received some surprising feedback.

An Introduction of Our Road Trippers

  • Debra Garls, SAP Business Account Manager – North America
  • Catherine O’Toole, Marketing and Business Development

SEAL-Car-300x122 SEAL Customer Connect Road Trip: Highlights in Innovation, Customer Service, and Reliable Solutions

Stop #1: Nebraska

The first stop on our road trip took us to the great steak, I mean state – Nebraska.

Nebraska-300x150 SEAL Customer Connect Road Trip: Highlights in Innovation, Customer Service, and Reliable Solutions

An Innovative Digital Solution

During a meeting with a potential client, a demo was given for our Paperless Production solution. For SEAL Systems, 2019 is the paperless year. The increase of interest in this product is not surprising to us because we have seen firsthand how Paperless Production can be a gamechanger for manufacturing companies. While sitting in the demo, it was exciting to see the facial expressions change as our product’s features addressed issues that the company was experiencing. Thumbs ups and adamant nods throughout the group were also welcome responses to the presentation.

The Advantages That Resonated Most with Our Client

Paperless Production can be beneficial to any enterprise because it makes it possible for operators to access and view work instructions on a desktop or mobile device. No longer will a company have to waste time and human resources trying to hunt down missing printing copies – and then have to re-print everything after the documents could not be tracked down. Paperless Production eliminates this problem while also reducing the use of paper enterprise-wide.

The other benefits you can expect when your company implements SEAL Systems’ Paperless Production are:

  • Any changes and updates made in SAP are made in real time to the workstations – physical production documents no longer have to be exchanged!
  • Change the priority of production processes easily from your administration console.
  • All required information and documents are available at workstations.
  • Updates like work times, material quantities/scrap, etc. are made directly at the workstation.
  • Capture direct feedback on the current status of all production processes.

Stop #2: Kansas

Our next stop brought us to our next Great Plains state – Kansas.

Kansas-300x150 SEAL Customer Connect Road Trip: Highlights in Innovation, Customer Service, and Reliable Solutions

Great Customer Service

This stop was a special one because it provided feedback that every company wants to receive. During a visit with a customer in Kansas, they shared with us that our SEAL Systems’ customer service is fantastic. Great customer service is something that SEAL Systems strives to provide for all our customers – and we are able to achieve it because of our superstar support team.

How Does Our Superstar Support Team Give Exceptional Customer Service?

Tickets requesting troubleshooting assistance are ranked by importance by our support team. If there is ever a problem that stops a company’s production – our support team will drop everything and will work to solve the problem right away. We know how stressful a situation like this can be so our team will make sure all hands are on deck to help solve the problem.

Stop #3: Oklahoma

Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore…we are in Oklahoma!

Oklahoma-300x150 SEAL Customer Connect Road Trip: Highlights in Innovation, Customer Service, and Reliable Solutions

Our Products Work!

Oklahoma illustrated why we wanted to go on this road trip – to connect with our long-time customers. With a product that really works, we have found that we need an excuse to touch base with our clients. For example, a customer we visited in Oklahoma has not talked to us in years because our products are reliable and work without anyone needing to reach out to the SEAL Systems team for help.

How Well Do Our Products Work?

We have started discussions to create examples of “fail” errors for our products so long-time admins can teach others how to handle those errors. For those that like to learn by doing, we think this could be helpful because employees can learn how to react to those errors now – instead of waiting years for an error to show up on one of our products (if it ever does).

Stop #4: Texas

How did we celebrate crossing into our last state? We stopped by the Original Pie Shop for a delicious snack, of course.

Texas-300x150 SEAL Customer Connect Road Trip: Highlights in Innovation, Customer Service, and Reliable Solutions

SEAL Systems Solutions Versus In-House Solutions

We have learned what happens when a company decides to create a solution like ours in-house from the customers that scrapped their in-house solution and came to us. Where a solution in-house sounds ideal – and a great opportunity – we have seen what an in-house solution can cost a company (a lot more money than initially planned).

How Are SEAL Systems Solutions Better Than In-House Solutions?

Other than costing much less than the amount companies pay for in-house solutions, our solutions are out-of-the-box, modular, and scalable. Also, expect a (much) shorter time with the implementation of our products because our implementation is within weeks.

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