SAP Purchase Orders: Gain Visibility Into Your Supply Chain

by Catherine O'Toole

In the past, once a purchase order left your inbox, that was it. There was nothing you could do except sit, wait, and hopefully hear back from someone. Luckily, digital distribution has changed that. In this blog, see how an enhanced purchase order process with SEAL Systems can help you gain visibility into your supply chain and make your life easier.

First: Don’t Miss Anything

Compiling a purchase order with all the supporting documents can be a task in itself. The varying information that needs to be included (BOMs, CAD drawings, GOS/BDS documents, etc.) can be a headache to collect and compile correctly. To make sure that you have all the information you need, you can either double, triple, or quadruple check that you collected everything, or you can choose to automate the process. SEAL Systems application retrieves all necessary documents regardless of file type and compiles the documents into a complete PDF package with a dynamic cover page. Other enhancements like stamps, watermarks, and barcodes can also be easily added to your documents. So, don’t waste hours compiling documents; easily do it with a click!

WATCH: How to Attach Files to SAP Purchase Orders

Second: Follow the Documents

Once you have collected all the documents you need for the purchase order, you can now let the purchase order fly! When using our application, a purchase order provides intel that helps you better understand your supply chain.

Confirmed: delivery of purchase orders

It’s simple! Our applications document the distribution process. For example, if you use SAP, we can make it possible to see what was delivered, when, and to whom. You can also get confirmation that the company received the documents with a read receipt. So now, you always know if your orders, request for proposals (RFP), or bids have been received.

Top Secret: Keep your information secure

Purchase orders have a lot of sensitive information that should not be floating around in someone else’s inbox. Don’t sweat it; keep it a secret. With our applications, you can delete the purchase order after a certain amount of time or when it’s been reviewed. We also provide end-to-end encryption, so get those documents secured with SEAL Systems!

Third: Gain Visibility

By ensuring that all the needed documents are collected and sent out, you know that the company has all the necessary information for your order – you did not miss anything.

By following your purchase order’s intel, you know the company received your order.

By using SEAL Systems, the process is streamlined – making your life easier!

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