New Case Study: Encrypted Purchase Orders & Additional Documents Directly from SAP

by Debra Garls

Körber Pharmaceutical, an international technology group that delivers a unique portfolio for integrated solutions for pharmaceutical products, wanted to improve their business unit’s

Blog-SAP-Orders-Koerber-281px-271x300 New Case Study: Encrypted Purchase Orders & Additional Documents Directly from SAP

SAP processes and asked SEAL Systems to help them – and we did! By working with our partner, Cryptshare®, Körber Pharma’s workflow is now faster, secure, and easier.

The Case Study: Secure & Compliant E-Mail Dispatch

In our newest case study, we share how Körber Pharma’s ordering processes are now standardized and how they have achieved a high level of security when sending orders and additional documents such as offers, technical drawings, and framework agreements.

The Customer Requirement:
Encrypted Communication Directly from SAP

Körber Pharma already used several independently running solutions from Cryptshare and SEAL Systems in the company’s ERP system, SAP:

  • Cryptshare provided a secure and traceable exchange of e-mails and files.
  • SEAL Systems provided a solution for document retrieval in SAP.

From these individual solutions, a common implementation integrated in SAP should be realized.

Therefore, the project’s goal was to enable an automated and encrypted data processing between SAP and the e-mail client without media breaks.

The Project: Quick & Easy Integration

With its current solutions from Cryptshare and the SEAL Systems, Körber Pharma already had existing, proven systems. Thanks to the available interfaces of the output management system from SEAL Systems and the Cryptshare robot, the connection could be implemented and installed without problems within a few days. And, therefore, the intermediate storage of files is no longer necessary with this solution. Data and files no longer have to change the system, saving unnecessary work steps, and eliminating costs. An additional benefit is that legal requirements are now met from the beginning to the end of the process, protecting confidential information at all times.

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