Printing from SAP? There’s an App for That!

by Catherine O'Toole

SEAL Mobile Printing makes it possible to share from any tablet or smartphone easily, but that is not all! Additional benefits that your company may experience when using our app: Manufacturer independence, sustainability, security, reliability, and happy users!

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SEAL Mobile Printing: There’s an App for That

Smartphone-160x300 Printing from SAP? There’s an App for That!

Manufacturer Independence

SEAL Mobile Output is device independent, and no third-party software is needed on the destination hardware. Additionally, our software platform easily connects to all your printer fleets/printer types.


Our Mobile Printing app is easily installed on devices like tablets or smartphones. Using the app, business users can send documents and attachments to any printer. And, with all relevant devices recognized with our app, document distribution becomes as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Select “Open With”
  2. Select “Import”
  3. Select “Print”

Screenshots-300x157 Printing from SAP? There’s an App for That!


By being hardware-independent, SEAL Mobile Printing is ready for the future, and whatever operating system changes your company might experience. SEAL Systems also offers solutions for the processing and hardware-neutral distribution of documents and information from other business applications like Windows, SharePoint, etc.

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Ensured Security

Our mobile app ensures security because print jobs are not printed until the mobile user authenticates the print job to the appropriate printer or output device. This authentication provides the printing process, and all confidential information on the printed documents, with security – without needing additional hardware or software on the printer/output device.

As an additional security feature, lost or stolen devices are locked against unauthorized users using the app to print.

Additional Benefits

SEAL Mobile Printing also provides the following benefits to your company:

SAP-Printing-300x159 Printing from SAP? There’s an App for That!

SEAL Success Story: Mobile Printing

Learn how SEAL Systems was able to aid a large international beverage manufacturer in printing from tablets and smartphones. Fill out the below form to receive the success story.


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