Printer Names Management

by André Schnibbe

SEAL Systems’ Solution Standardizes the

Name Management of Your Printers

Which IT service does not know the problem of historically grown printer names in its own IT landscape? In the past, printers were simply created at will without paying attention to any system. Since different IT employees at different locations create and manage printers, an uncontrolled number of printer names is usually unavoidable. This initial shortage makes it very difficult for users to find and use printers in the company, especially when employees from specialist departments are working at different locations. The IT service, for example, can no longer clearly identify printers which need maintenance or should be removed because of end-of-life status.

It is therefore important to establish a printer naming convention within the company. This uniform naming convention applies to both physical and logical printers. The composition of printer names depends largely on various factors. Location, functions, printer type, number and use play a decisive role.

Usage of a central database

Together with our customers, we develop a concept for the naming convention. The historical aspects as well as the new standardization are taken into account. This concept then serves as the basis for technical implementation. To ensure that the printer system process runs as error-free and automatic as possible in the future, the printer management system we developed (easyPRIMA) will be introduced as a uniform printer management system. This means that all connected output systems can be maintained in a central database so that finally all employees from IT service and support can use a central tool for printer administration.

Standardization of names management

The printer concept developed in this way serves as the basis and is transferred to the central data structure. The responsible IT employee at the respective location is guided intuitively and interactively through the new system. Thus, errors in the naming can be avoided. Duplicates and printers out of work are a thing of the past. In easyPRIMA, the entire IT system and the individual locations are given a dedicated view of all available printers. The process, including all changes, can also be tracked in a log.

Also, for existing printer landscapes

easyPRIMA can be used not only as part of a printer tender or as a greenfield start. Existing printer master data can be imported and processed using an import function. The prerequisite for this is to check and standardize the existing data in advance of this process. SEAL Systems’ project employees can support you with this process.

easyPRIMA has certified interfaces to take over the printer management on existing Windows print servers, SAP and third-party systems (e.g., own ERP systems). All relevant data including inherited printers (physical and logical printers) are exported to the corresponding system.

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