Product Information Management System Benefits

by Debra Garls

Product Information Management System –

Keep Your Data Reliable and Verified


Data redundancy results from data not being stored in a central location. It is not intentional, but it happens frequently. A product information management system helps eliminate redundancies by providing a central and easily accessible data solution.

Data Redundancies

The Culprits –

Multiple databases that store data separately, such as editorial systems and construction and image libraries are the main cause of data redundancy.

Different Outputs –

Different output media that store various document formats (e.g., PDF, web content), layouts or sizes create duplicates of the same information.

Applications –

Data for applications such as product configurators, webshops or operating instructions also create redundant information.

Reliable Data with a Product Information Management System

With a product information management system, you have one central source for all information. The system tracks information that is needed to market and sell products through distribution channels. An effective system centrally manages the information and makes it possible for users to access it quickly and easily.

Advantages of a Product Information Management System

Streamline Output

A product information management system streamlines output channels to enable you to publish and distribute product information efficiently, while interfacing seamlessly with your SAP system.

Information Is Verified

A product information management system ensures that all information is accurate. If changes occur and the information becomes obsolete, the system guarantees that only the correct information is available to users.

Criteria to Consider

When looking for a product information management system, there are two criteria that you should keep in mind:

Neutrality –

The product information management system must offer media-neutral administration with maintenance and modification capability.

Central Administration –

The system must be centralized to ensure that each channel is supplied simply and consistently.

Enhance Your Product Information Management System –

With SEAL Systems Direct Publishing Conversion Solution

SEAL Systems’ Direct Publishing conversion solution connects product information across the enterprise so you can automatically create technical documentation. It includes different data modules and formats such as drawings, bills of materials, standard texts, images, instructions, generates new headers and footers, page numbering, table of contents and navigation elements, and assembles all document components prior to publishing and distribution. When printing folders, Direct Publishing allows adjustable segmentations with automatic generation.

Our Technology

SEAL Systems Digital Process Factory (DPF) controls and supervises the entire implementation process. With DPF, single functions and process modules become task-specific and configured. Pre-defined and configured scenarios enable quick implementation, and more than 200 function modules are available for converting and processing incomplete and complete documents.

If you have any questions about Direct Publishing? Contact our expert Debra Garls (email, LinkedIn) for more information.

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