Factsheet: Output Management Engine – PLOSSYS netdome

by Thomas Tikwinski

Factsheet-PLOSSYS-netdome-en-title-300 Factsheet: Output Management Engine - PLOSSYS netdomeWhat is SEAL Systems’ PLOSSYS Netdome?

It is a central output management system for all output-relevant tasks and applications in the company. This approach offers many advantages for the company as well as users and administrators.

PLOSSYS netdome is a powerful output management engine that optimally solves all requirements for printing – and distributing information company-wide. It is the central platform of our Corporate Output Management solutions.

PLOSSYS netdome connects all applications with all output channels. It takes over the data preparation (conversion, stamping, scaling), spooling, and control of the output channels (printer, plotter, or electronic output process).

PLOSSYS netdome processes all data formats from all enterprise applications (ERP, host systems, web applications, Windows® and Office, digital archives, DMS, PLM, and CAD). It also ensures smooth, optimally controlled output on all output channels, and provides extensive functionality around your print infrastructure and processes.

Who Can Benefit From PLOSSYS Netdome?

Companies and institutions where printing is a business-critical process. CIOs who want to increase the efficiency and security of their printing infrastructure and reduce printing costs. IT infrastructure managers who finally want to invest less time in troubleshooting printing processes and optimize output management. Users: because printing is always easy – and works!

Learn More!

More information about PLOSSYS netdome can be found here or in our Factsheet.



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