PLOSSYS 4.6.0 released!

by Thomas Tikwinski

After nine months of development SEAL Systems releases with version 4.6.0 a major technical version update of its output management system PLOSSYS netdome – with new application server and first components of PLOSSYS 5. The release is available immediately.


New application server

With version 4.6.0 the PLOSSYS core was upgraded to the current version of the Java application server JBoss. Thus, several potential security holes of the previously used version have been fixed and the user interface technology has been updated. At the same time the new server is a bit more powerful, from which PLOSSYS itself benefits. The familiar look & feel has remained the same. Since the last update the JBoss project has been split into a community and an enterprise edition. Since PLOSSYS does not need the enterprise functions, we have changed the PLOSSYS core to the community edition. This is also the reason for the bigger version step: PLOSSYS 4.6.0 is no longer executable on older versions of JBoss.


PLOSSYS 5 is coming

Also new in version 4.6.0 are the first components from the development of PLOSSYS 5. Since the new product line uses completely new technology – PLOSSYS 5 uses JavaScript throughout – starting with this release, components from PLOSSYS 4 will be replaced step by step by components from PLOSSYS 5. Thus PLOSSYS 4 does not only benefit from the latest technology, but also the migration to the successor version will be easier over time. PLOSSYS relies on the proven continuity. Existing interfaces are either retained or, where breaks are unavoidable, remain at least three releases downward compatible to earlier versions.



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