Paperless Production: The Digital Factory for SAP Production

by Debra Garls

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a name given to the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, cognitive computing, cloud computing and the Internet of things (IoT).

Internet of Things (IoT) – What is It?

IoT refers to the network of devices that are connected via the internet and how they can be seamlessly integrated. To illustrate the staggering reach of IoT, the number of devices that can connect to the internet is currently at 12 billion.

History of Industry 4.0

The term, Industry 4.0, refers to the “fourth industrial revolution.” Since the 1970s, industrial revolutions have been driven by electronic/IT developments. The following illustration shows how past industrial revolutions evolved. (Source: Deloitte)

Industry-4.0-History Paperless Production: The Digital Factory for SAP Production

Industry 4.0 Is Here: Welcome to the Digital Factory

Paperless Production, SEAL Systems’ Digital Factory solution streamlines your production operation and makes it more secure. Employees immediately receive all order-related information and documents on their desktop and mobile devices.

Digital-Production Paperless Production: The Digital Factory for SAP Production
Converting to a paperless production process saves time, money, resources and reduces the possibility of errors. It also provides the speed and agility needed to exchange information, trigger actions, and control documents centrally.

Videos and 3D Models

The Paperless Production user interface is flexible and easy to configure. This makes it possible to provide videos to show the steps for complicated production processes and send 3D CAD models and other important production-related documents to employees and clients.

Save Time and Money

With Paperless Production, operators can access and view work instructions on a desktop or mobile device instead of printing copies or searching through drawers full of documents and drawings to find the information they need. This saves time and reduces paper usage enterprise-wide.

Additional Advantages

Companies that implement SEAL Systems’ Paperless Production solution enjoy these additional benefits:

  • All required information and documents are available at workstations.
  • Important updates (work times, material quantities/scrap, etc.) are made directly at the workstation.
  • Changes and updates are made in real time; there is no need to exchange physical production documents.
  • It is possible to capture direct feedback on the current status of the production process.
  • View step-by-step manuals as 3D Visualizations using SAP Enterprise Viewer.

Paperless Production Video

Watch a short overview video to learn more about SEAL Systems Paperless Production.

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