Paperless Production

by David Salamanek

When is production truly paperless?

Production 4.0 is not just a marketing term, with paperless production it becomes a reality.

Implementing a system that simply reduces paper with PDF’s or images of hard copy documents does not get the most out of going paperless.   Operators being able to view work instructions on a screen rather than being handed a file full of forms and drawings to prove of some benefit, but this does not really address the core issues that being paperless or digital offers.

SEAL’s Paperless Production (PALO) is able to employ the most modern technology to use the advantages without the downsides of paper.  This provides our customers with a very clear added value in your production processes.  Switching to digital processes avoids disruptions and makes your production operations faster, up-to-date, and more secure.  Your employees immediately receive all order-related information and documents on their screens/terminals–at their own and documents on their screens/terminals–at their own workstations. The information is prepared exactly as each employee needs it.


Advantages of Paperless Production

  • Making all information and documents required available at the work station.
  • Updates directly at the workstation related to work times and material quantities/scrap, including the reason for scrap.
  • Changes can be updated on all work stations in real time; there is no longer any changes need to exchange physical production documents
  • All information on printed production orders can be shown on the PALO client.
  • PALO automatically sends the data from SAP to the appropriate workstation
  • Step-by-step manuals can be viewed as 3D Visualizations, using SAP Enterprise Viewer

10-24-2017-11-19-58-AM-copy Paperless Production


Icon-PDF-43x58 Paperless ProductionDo you want to know more? Request free of charge our white paper about Paperless Production for SAP!


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