Why Output Management expands Your MPS Strategy (Part 2 of 2)

by André Schnibbe

Blog-mps-text-2-en Why Output Management expands Your MPS Strategy (Part 2 of 2)In the second part of our series, as far as managed print services can serve as a useful addition to output management, we focus on the areas of “administration and monitoring”, “security in the printing process” and “mobile workplace”. We thereby show you that this component can clearly perform more than “only” for accessing the hardware or for monitoring purposes. (Part 2 of 2)

Administration and monitoring

New printers must be distributed to the application level so your employees can use them? Nothing easier than this! In the output management system, the printers are created uniquely and are transported into the in the desired applications by pressing a button.  You save valuable time as printers / shafts must not be configured and set up individually. Thanks to constant communication, “printer corpses” are water under the bridge. Your users search for the desired printer based on the self-service and install it quickly and easily.

All jobs, equipment and costs shall be in view? The central admin cockpit allows you full transparency of all jobs and devices. ueberwachung2-300x279 Why Output Management expands Your MPS Strategy (Part 2 of 2)In addition, faults are immediately visible before they are received by the user. Also you can follow exactly, who, what, when, how and how much one prints in order to thereby to monitor the infrastructure strategically and to optimise it. The monitoring solutions in the MPS concept are often restricted to pure device monitoring. This can be expanded with our approach to job monitoring and process monitoring. Sometimes it is not enough to know whether a printer is online or not, but you have to know in the application itself whether the last print order has been issued successfully or to count on that a print order is automatically redirected to a replacement device in case of an error.

Security in the printing process

The issue of security in the printing process is becoming increasingly important. What use is the best encryption technology if the documents are freely available for everyone at the printer output after decryption? Do not expose yourself to this security hole and rely on Secure & PickUp Printing. This is done via the output management system naturally also independent of the manufacturer. This will create a long-term and safe strategy for any printer fleet change. The authentication can thereby take place via a PIN, the employee ID card or via the mobile terminal. Also, the print data streams from the application, via the output management system are encrypted throughout up to the printer tray, namely regardless from which application you use the of the services for output management.

“Mobile” working environment

The working world becomes mobile or even more mobile. More and more employees are using mobile devices in everyday work. However, around 70% of all users cannot print from these devices because their device or printer does not support it or is not enabled by the IT infrastructure. Of course, there are proprietary single solutions, but they do not contribute to a company-wide strategy. Via an output management system, all major operating systems and devices can be integrated in a company-wide manner (Android, iOS and tablett-216x300 Why Output Management expands Your MPS Strategy (Part 2 of 2)Windows Phone) Windows Phone) and all printers in the company can be accessed in a manufacturer-neutral manner. This guarantees a standardised and long-term investment security without creating a patchwork of single solutions. In combination with Secure & PickUp Printing, employees can pick up their desired print orders via their mobile devices, no matter at which company location they are.

The subject Home Office is playing an increasingly larger role in the world of work. From there, the printing network must also be accessed in order to print important documents. The integration of such devices via, for example, virtualised environments is easy and, above all, secure with the aid of the OMS.


An output management system can send more than just documents from A to B. Rather, it can be a long-term and meaningful addition to your company-wide and inter-site document and information processes. You are therefore equipped for your conventional distribution processes from ERP, Windows etc. but also for the integration of mobile terminals, home office workstations and electronic distribution procedures. By means of hardware neutrality, you create independence from printer manufacturers and investment security, as your optimisation already starts between the application and the output management system. Focus your attention away from pure printer fleet optimisation to your entire business process optimisation and complement your MPS strategy sustainably through output management. Consider and optimise the output processes in your company holistically through an MPS strategy based on an application- and printer-neutral output management platform. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Here is the complete text for download.

You can also find more information in our White Paper regarding the subject Corporate Output Management.

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