Navigating Disruptions Series: Three Keys to Staying Resilient

by Catherine O'Toole

shutterstock_1815040130-1024x576 Navigating Disruptions Series: Three Keys to Staying Resilient

Welcome back to our third installment in our Navigating Disruptions series! For this blog, we will be highlighting the three keys to supply chain resilience. Keep reading to see how you can use these insights to stay resilient against supply chain disruptions.  

Re-Evaluate Production

The past year has forced many manufacturers to re-evaluate their production processes and gauge their ability to handle changes. To understand where a company is going, it is best to know where one has been. That is why re-evaluation of production can be helpful to create a strategy for the future. 

This can be accomplished mostly in two ways:

  1. By bringing together demand and supply planners to manually share their viewpoints
  2. Gaining a real-time understanding with digital technologies

How can digital technologies help? Digital technologies can help companies re-evaluate by providing a real-time understanding of what is happening across the supply network. This is achieved by helping create a single source of truth by breaking down the silos of data to create a connection company-wide.

Delve into Digital Work Solutions: Adapt to a Digital World

Rearchitect Work

When surveyed, 28% of executives identified that upskilling and building new skills to match the evolving work environments are the top challenges they are face today with their workforce. Digital technologies are the future. They provide flexibility for disruptions, but they can also be daunting when most of the industry’s workforce is not as technology fluent.

Adapting to the digital world without the headache

Learning a new interface can be difficult and time-consuming. But what if you could receive the benefits of digital technology without the headache?

It might be surprising to learn that not every digital technology solution has to up-end your current process, but it is true. For example, SEAL Systems’ applications run in the background. Our software streamlines your current processes without having to worry about user training. Onboarding is virtually non-existent!

Implementing digital technology, like the applications from SEAL Systems, can give you the flexibility that technology provides without the headache.   

Explore Our Paperless Production Solution

Recalibrate to Thrive

Companies have had turbulent experiences in the past year. Some have experienced skyrocketing demand, some have experienced lower demand, and some have stayed in the middle. Though it has had its challenges, this last year has provided some invaluable insights that can help you plan and adapt. With what has happened in the past year, you can decide to focus on rebuilding lost revenue streams, shift to a more regional supply chain model, or recalibrate your process based on something else.

The past year has been a teaching moment for us all, and you can use it to help you recalibrate to thrive.

Shutterstock-Image-3 Navigating Disruptions Series: Three Keys to Staying Resilient

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