The user-friendly instruction manual at ottobock

by Adalbert Nübling

Case-Study-Manuals-ottobock-Title-203px The user-friendly instruction manual at ottobockWheelchairs consist of a multitude of components and functions, each of which is assembled individually for the respective requirements of the patient. Up to now, however, it was not possible to supply individual instructions for use with these specially built wheelchairs. Rather, the instructions for use always included a description of all potentially possible components instead of being limited to the functions built into the wheelchair. This led to confusion for the customer and specialist staff and at the same time to unnecessarily high printing costs. The manuals have also only been translated into a limited number of languages.


In this case study you will read

… how ottobock established a process to produce individual, product-specific instructions.

… how ottobock significantly reduced the cost of printing instructions.

… how the possibility was created to produce instructions for use in all ordered languages.


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