SEAL Systems: More than 35 years experience

by David Salamanek

The origin of SEAL Systems can be traced back to two companies, both founded in Germany in the 1980s, named S.E.P.P. and Gral Systems.  When the two companies were established, they each focused on providing market leading graphics modeling, application converters and format translation solutions along with top tier enterprise output management.  For several years the two companies operated as competitors and gained comparable following throughout Europe.

Over time, the two organizations had developed an integrated culture for all colleagues to enjoy and enable each to contribute the company in their own way.  We had developed our own parallel methods to opening our minds and valuing each person’s ideas and, when possible, adapt them as an important part of growth and sustainability. Seeing how like minded they were, and making good business sense, the two companies merged in fall of 2001.  Once long time overlapping competitors decided to bring their great ideas together into a merger.  The result formed SEAL Systems (SE from SEPP and AL from Gral) and taking the best of both worlds, we have brought new technologies and methods to enterprise level applications.

Currently located in many cities around Germany, Europe with subsidiaries in Australia, France and the U.S., SEAL Systems strives to perfect the culture to drive great ideas and to bring successful solutions and premium level support to customers globally.  If you are a customer of SEAL Systems, we would like you to consider yourself as part of our family.  not, we sincerely invite you to join us, we work hard to make each success in making better software the foundation we build our futures upon.


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