Automated Generation of Technical Documents (Part 3 of 3)

by Dr. Uwe Wächter

Blog-technical-documentation-3-en Automated Generation of Technical Documents (Part 3 of 3)An important part of each client project in plant construction and special machine construction is the creation of complete and specific documentation for the system concerned. Depending on the size and complexity of the product, the documentation includes a few or several hundred folders. Various documentation serves to describe, as well as to operate and service or to maintain and repair the plant. In the previous two parts of this series of our blog we have explained to you how you automatically create such documentation using SEAL systems solutions. Today, we are providing a summary of the process.

Automated generation of technical documentation – summary

What is achieved by using direct publishing?

  • System documentation at the touch of a button
  • Standardization of the document structure
  • High level of procedural security
  • Contents and structure of the documentation can be expanded and adjusted efficiently during the creation or the project term
  • Analog and digital documentation are created in one process
  • Monitoring of progress of preparation / adjustment of the documentation
  • The deliveries of documents are traceable in the ERP system
  • The end documentation is available simultaneously with the end of the engineering without manual processing
  • Automated generation of documents which contains only the documents that have been amended
  • The documentation processes can be adjusted flexibly at any time.
  • Parallel processing guarantees a very high performance
  • Re-use of existing process building components in other processes is possible
  • High resolution transparency
  • Graphic presentation of processes
  • Seamless order tracking
  • Logfiles with all important systems information
  • Fast implementation times
  • Process security by means of automated handling of exceptions.


Where does the most potential for savings arise?

  • Partial documents can be re-used at any time
  • Highly qualified specialist engineers can again pursue their “real” tasks
  • Automation for the creation of electronic documents
  • Further cost reductions can be achieved via external printing services
  • Electronic archiving is significantly less expensive than analog archiving
  • Client’s requests for documents can be considered flexibly and without great effort
  • The time to prepare documents is significantly reduced



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