Factsheet: The new SEAL Systems Print Client

by André Schnibbe

Print-Client-Title-en Factsheet: The new SEAL Systems Print ClientThe SEAL Print Client is an order client for interactive printing processes. With it documents from different sources can be combined flexibly to output requests, while the user retains full control over the process. At the same time, the Print Client offers interesting new possibilities for tool integration and process automation.

The HTML5 interface allows occasional users as well as power users to prepare and execute print jobs intuitively and effectively. Operation is possible with mouse, touch and keyboard shortcuts. Internationalization and individual graphic design are a matter of course, and registration via Silent SSO makes the Print Client a seamlessly integrated component in your tool landscape.

You can use the Print Client’s Web interface to prepare and trigger output for individual documents or complex print jobs. Documents can be dragged and dropped from the desktop directly into the job. Other document sources (such as file servers, SAP, DMS, ECM or PLM) can be connected to the client, which makes it possible to use documents just as conveniently in print jobs from there. Processing sequence and output parameters can be defined individually for the entire print job or for each individual document. You can track and control the processing of all jobs in the interface. This gives you full control over your print jobs at all times..

Further information about the SEAL Systems Print Client can be found here or in our new Factsheet.



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