Factsheet: PLOSSYS 5 – Modern engine for enterprise-wide output management

by André Schnibbe

A Modern Engine for Company-Wide

Output Management


Factsheet-plossys-5-title-300 Factsheet: PLOSSYS 5 - Modern engine for enterprise-wide output management

With PLOSSYS® netdome, SEAL Systems offers a robust and powerful Corporate Output Management Engine. In over 35 years, SEAL Systems’ PLOSSYS engine has been trusted by more than 1,500 customers worldwide.

PLOSSYS 5, our newest product from the PLOSSYS series, is especially designed for cloud operation in architecture and technology, without sacrificing the possibilities of  on-premise installation. Both operating modes can even be combined in the future.

With PLOSSYS 5 you use the proven features of the PLOSSYS series with the latest software technology – e.g., for operation in the cloud. The central aspect of PLOSSYS 5 is its microservice architecture: The monolithic structure of earlier versions was broken down and divided into small, modular service units. These cooperate with each other.

PLOSSYS 5 is not only able to combine the right services for every application but can also react dynamically to variable load situations. If required, several services of the same type can simply be started. PLOSSYS 5 always takes care of a seamless integration, regardless of whether these services work on-premises or in the cloud.

PLOSSYS 5 connects all applications with all printer queues. It handles data preparation (conversion, stamping, scaling), spooling and control of print output. PLOSSYS 5 processes all data formats from all enterprise applications (ERP, host systems, web applications, Windows® and Office, digital archives, DMS) and ensures smooth, fast and scalable print output. It also offers a broad functionality around all aspects of your print infrastructure and processes.



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