Factsheet: Paperless Logistics for SAP

by Debra Garls

Papierlose-Logistik-Titel Factsheet: Paperless Logistics for SAP

Paperless Logistics for SAP is a tool that helps companies move toward a digital logistics process. As an extension of SEAL Systems’ Paperless Production, it was developed to reduce paperwork in shipping, forwarding or scheduling departments, and to optimize the processing of transport orders.

Read our new factsheet to learn everything you need to know about our new solution Paperless Logistics:

  • Detailed graphics explain the steps for a completely digitized transport order.
  • An overview of the benefits, technology, and requirements for the solution.

Download our factsheet on Paperless Logistics here:

Digital Processes for Your Enterprise

Digital transformation is not just about eliminating paper. Companies that rely on digitization scale and act faster. That’s why we have been working continuously for several years to simplify business processes and make them faster. In the course of this innovation process, we have repeatedly been able to adapt our solutions to changing situations. Therefore, we can adapt our solutions individually to your company’s environment.

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