Employee Spotlight: Chris Milburn

by Catherine O'Toole

In this week’s blog, I had a virtual chat with SEAL Systems’ Chief Solutions Officer, Chris Milburn. In this interview, Chris and I talked about top technology trends, software innovations, and memories during his time at the company.

Your work anniversary is coming up soon. How many years have you worked at SEAL Systems?

Chris Milburn (CM): I started with SEAL Systems in 2007. So, it’s been 13 years now.

Can you believe you have been with SEAL for 13 years?

CM: Actually, I can. Coming from a big corporation in my past, when I found SEAL Systems, or when they found me, it was a dream come true to be with a smaller company. My hope was to have my opinion matter and be valued. So, yes, I can believe I have been with the company for 13 years because I’ve been able to achieve what I had been looking for with such a great company.

What is the biggest technology trend you have been seeing from our clients?

CM: I have to say the biggest technology trend I’ve seen is paperless initiatives. I think a lot of companies are focused on digital solutions, but the change to paperless can be a little scary for some as it’s a massive undertaking. This is why our development team is working hard to look forward to the future to find and plan for these solutions. So, when the customers are ready or at the point where they must make a change, we’ll be ready with solutions to offer.

What is one of the most significant Project Team innovations you have experienced?

CM: That would be Asana. This tool has integrated not only into our projects but our entire company. It has changed how we do our everyday work. It’s greatly improved communication and collaboration on working together as teams and eliminated items being lost due to overloaded agendas. Asana has helped us get our work done and organized our opportunities, projects, and business.

For me, this innovation is not just project related but has helped our whole company. Asana has changed how we do things, how we are getting our work done, and has organized our lives.

What would you say is the top tool that has made technology easier to implement virtually?

CM: I believe that would be remote software for online meeting/desktop sharing (e.g., GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, etc.) For us, remote software has virtually eliminated the need to travel to the customer. SEAL Systems does 99% of our installs virtually as we are able to use remote software to share screens or take control and perform installs. The benefit of this software to SEAL Systems is that travel and expenses are avoided. And the benefit to the customer is that installs can be accomplished much faster as there’s no time needed for travel arrangements, etc.

Remote software helps us also support our current customers and even provided training. When a problem occurs, we can use remote software for support. So, everything we need to do to help our customers can be done with this one tool. And, to me, that has been a gamechanger because, before remote software, you had to be a road warrior and travel to every customer for installs, go-lives, and support. Now, everything can be performed remotely – which it is faster, cheaper and better for everyone.

What do you wish more people knew about SEAL Systems?

CM: A blanket statement would be that I wish people actually knew about SEAL Systems. The reason I say that is because we excel at integrating right into everyday business. So, thousands of users might use our software every day and not even know it – which is our goal. We strive not to change a company’s business process or require our customers to train thousands of people on how to use the solutions. We integrate right into a company’s normal/everyday process. We don’t change a thing other than improvements seen at the end with output. But that certainly makes it difficult to get visibility and for people to know that our software is what’s making the process better. We are hidden a little in that way, and I wish more people would know that they are using SEAL Systems’ solutions and how we are improving their everyday process.

What is your favorite memory (or memories) while working at SEAL Systems?

CM: There are many. Favorite memories that pop up are some of the past group meetings we would have. There is one, in particular, though when I was about to move to Hawaii, and we were having a company meeting at TopGolf. David [Salamanek] and I had worked really hard to build the team and the company, and we had tripled in size. I remember standing back and just observing everyone talking and playing golf. I was actually getting a bit emotional because I was going to miss everyone since I was moving. But it was also due to the feelings I had about how this company is so family-oriented and how everyone genuinely cares about each other and our customers. I was just overwhelmed with being proud and grateful for being part of this company and what we built, and who we are. That memory really sticks out in my head because I was just standing there – overwhelmed.

What do you hope 2021 will bring for SEAL Systems?

CM: Growth and a stronger connection with our existing customers. It is super important to us that our customers not just see us as a software company (e.g., we give them the software and then leave them on their own.) We need to foster and nurture the relationships we have with our existing customers, so we can help expand the solutions they have and help them in other ways, especially with new solutions or any corporate initiatives they might have.

Internally, my hope for SEAL Systems is more growth and that we become even more efficient in our sales and project delivery. I also hope we continue to maintain the core of our company because I truly feel we have a great center and values.



I appreciate Chris for taking the time for the interview and for sharing some insights about his time at SEAL Systems. From my experience working with him, Chris makes SEAL Systems what it is – a family-oriented company that genuinely cares about its employees and our customers.

Thank you, Chris, for making SEAL Systems such a special place to work!


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