by David Salamanek

Join us October 11th at 8:00am MST for part 2 of The Digital Paper Factory Efficiently Engineered Webinar.

The lifecycle of an engineering design no longer exists in a vacuum of one person’s scope of work. This object is an integral piece of the Product Lifecycle and downstream Supply Chain processes.

From conception to creation, to document control and building materials, and through distribution and consumption, documents and their information is the lifeblood of all manufacturing organizations.

In this webinar, learn how to effectively design and store drawings, properly secure them with corporate regulatory information and signature history, and automatically link and distribute them with all key SAP business processes.

  • Create, manage & control engineering design data
  • Store documents and data in SAP DMS
  • Build relevant links (DIR, Material, BOM’s)
  • Watermarks, stamps and signatures
  • Link to SAP business processes (Maintenance, Purchasing, etc.)
  • Securely distribute automatically to customers and vendors

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    David Salamanek is the head of our American subsidiary. With 20 years of experience in the file conversion and output management industries, David is your go-to expert in building professional solutions for the whole enterprise.

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