Provisioning of documents from SAP via SharePoint

by Jürgen Gotthardt

sharepoint_Grafik-300x229 Provisioning of documents from SAP via SharePointIn this blog entry we’ll explain how documents from SAP product structures can be identified and exported to SharePoint with our SAP-SharePoint-DMS Exchange, using examples from the industry.

The Problem

For cooperation between the areas of design and purchasing as well as configuration and document management, our example company already uses a SharePoint portal for both internal as well as external access. This portal should now also enable access to documents that are managed in SAP and linked there with different SAP structures.

The Goal

The documents should be identified in SAP automatically according to fixed rules, managed traceably in SAP and transferred to SharePoint libraries which are identified through SAP data. SharePoint takes over the provisioning of these documents for internal and external users.

The Solution

The identification of the documents either can be carried out through the SAP transactions of SEAL Systems, or the customer uses his own transaction for identification and transfer. As soon as the relevant documents are identified, they are transmitted to our output management system, PLOSSYS netdome. There the following processing steps are carried out:

  • Stamping and conversion of documents. Depending on requirements, the documents can be exported in original format or as PDF or PDF/A.
  • Analysis of the order data, in order to export the documents into the directory of the respective supplier.
  • Transmission of the documents and metadata into SharePoint.
  • Confirmation of the transmission status to SAP.

With this solution, documents naturally can also be identified and distributed for a document structure, installation, customer order, and other SAP objects or structures.

The Result

Documents are identified in SAP and transmitted over the output management system into SharePoint within just a few minutes. Provisioning via SharePoint allows for external partners’ secure access to documents, independent of SAP. The previous distribution via paper or e-mail is replaced by provisioning in the SharePoint portal.


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