Generate documentation from project structures automatically

by Lars Palitzsch

Blog-document-from-project-structures Generate documentation from project structures automaticallyDOC4PPM is an extension for SAP Portfolio & Project Management. It identifies files and information linked to SAP Project & Portfolio (=PPM) elements and uses them to generate a consolidated PDF document. This is of particular interest for those SAP PPM users who need compilations of the project documentation to discuss project status with internal or external project members.

DOC4PPM identifies files and information for an SAP PPM element. It also supports individual elements and element lists of a PPM area. The files are displayed in an optional dialog to enable the user to select documents interactively. They are then converted to PDF and compiled into one file. The individual files can be accessed in the mail file via bookmarks. The PPM element’s information sheet can also be put into the main file.

This will interest SAP PPM users who need compilations for purposes of documentation, or to discuss project status with internal or external project members.

How does it work?

DOC4PPM consists of an integration component in SAP and a server component. The integration component determines information and files in SAP while the server component generates a PDF from these files. The process for generating the main PDF file is triggered by a new menu entry. This menu entry is interesting for portfolio areas and elements. DOC4PPM identifies the current PPM element and its files and data. The selection of files is controlled through a configuration table in SAP. An interactive dialog is optionally available for selecting the desired files. The selected files are sent to the server, converted there, and compiled in a PDF file. Accompanying data can be used as stamp information. The generated PDF files are then sent back to SAP and can displayed by the user or automatically linked as an additional file with the PPM element.

What are the benefits of DOC4PPM?

  • Identification of selected files and generation of a main file
  • Generation of a cover sheet with element information
  • Automatic conversion to PDF for easy distribution
  • Automatic bookmarks generation
  • Delivery to the user as new PPM file or via display
  • Delivery of information outside of SAP PPM
  • Seamless integration into SAP PPM

Similar solutions are available for other SAP Business Suite processes (such as maintenance, production, purchasing, and SAP folders management).

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