Document Services – Revolutionize Your Document Creation!

by André Schnibbe

document_services_en Document Services – Revolutionize Your Document Creation!Nearly every business that works intensively with data and information wants to be able to create and distribute business documents or labels easily and individually. With Document Services from SEAL Systems, this requirement is easily fulfilled. And not only that – with Document Services you map the entire document lifecycle from the individual and intuitive creation to the analog and digital distribution of your documents, without having to rely on various single solutions.

An application example

One of our last projects involved the task of significantly optimizing the document creation process and the distribution of all documents in the company. It was wished that labels, but also business documents like invoices and offers, be created and distributed easily and individually. One of the challenges here was in creating very small labels. High priority was placed on the stability of the output processes, their traceability and the tracking of the job. The leading system was SAP ERP, in which the processes were initiated. An additional requirement was the optimization of Windows output processes, because numerous printer models and drivers, spread out over several locations, created high administrative costs.

With Document Services from SEAL Systems, the company can now create, distribute, and monitor documents (labels, working papers, etc.) individually and easily.

Creating documents

Thanks to the solution’s integrated document designer, which is based on familiar word processing programs, the technical departments can design document layouts themselves, define the content, and create reusable templates. Foremost here is the information from the SAP ERP; however, additional customer databases were integrated.

Distributing and monitoring documents

elvis_papierstapel-klein-300x280 Document Services – Revolutionize Your Document Creation!

The distribution of designed documents uses four output channels in all. The first two channels involve printing on heterogeneous multi-function printers and label printers. Important here is the constant monitoring of the job on the basis of a bi-directional SAP coupling and with the help of administration and monitoring tools from SEAL Systems. This keeps users and administrators are up to date on the current print status at all times and, in the event of failure, they can intervene immediately. Further digital output channels include the distribution of documents per email and archiving, in which PDF/A2b format is used.

Reduction of administrative costs

Elvis_papierflieger-klein-270x300 Document Services – Revolutionize Your Document Creation!

The Document Service Engine was then expanded towards a corporate output management system. Windows print processes were consolidated with the help of the SEAL Master Driver. This generic Windows driver replaces the individual print drivers of all those different manufacturers, and significantly reduces administrative costs. All printers are furthermore integrated in the SEAL printer management and can be centrally maintained there as well as distributed to all SAP and Windows systems with the press of a button. The company-wide implemented failover and load balancing architecture guarantees additional reliability and load distribution for all SAP and Windows print processes.

More added value

  • The entire document lifecycle from one place, incl. targeted advice
  • Easy creation of documents and generation of reusable templates
  • Transparent, secure and traceable output processes
  • Consolidation of print drivers and manufacturer independence
  • High investment protection and the creation of sustainable document processes

Do you want more information? Ask for our white paper about Document Services!


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