Document Services For Company-Owned ERP Systems and Host Printing

by André Schnibbe

document_services_en Document Services For Company-Owned ERP Systems and Host PrintingMany companies still rely on individual ERP and CRM systems. Usually, only their own ERP systems can map their unique and historical processes and working methods. These systems are usually programmed for host computers such as an AS/400 from IBM. Alternatively, eServers, iSeries, System i5 or Unix are also used, but Linux or Windows systems are starting to be used more. Despite the aging architecture and application environment, these enterprise resource planning systems meet the high demands on business processes. Nevertheless, they are overwhelmed with the output, distribution and design of the documents.

From business process to document

Usually, the generated data stream for the creation of documents, reports and lists is pressed by rudimentary scripting in a data stream and processed and printed on non-redundant print servers. The forms generated in this way no longer meet the current requirements of customer-oriented customer communication. Design and structure of the documents can only be adapted with difficulty and with expert knowledge not everyone has. Therefore, every formal change such as mandatory information, advertising texts, barcodes and foreign languages (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Arabic) become a real challenge. It is quite impossible to generate modern digital output methods such as e-mails, HTML5, cloud fax servers, electronic distribution, collaboration and transmittals.

How can the use of established and proven ERP systems be combined with modern document creation and comprehensive output management?

By using Document Services from SEAL Systems, the existing scripting is replaced by a modern forms management. The ERP data and the separate design serve as the basis for the document creation. All forms required for the ERP system must be redesigned and adapted to the current corporate identity. The integrated template management and the repository make it easy to create master documents and, thus, significantly reduces the number of templates. Targeted advertising and promotion measures can also be managed, and the design of labels can be integrated. The existing data determination is still used to determine all data for forms, lists and reports, and modern web services further process the print data stream. With the holistic output management approach of SEAL Systems, the existing processing steps: pre-processing, processing (aka spooling) and post-processing are supplemented and the output generation is optimized.

The Output Management System from SEAL Systems ensures high availability of your output processes and provides central monitoring. All documents, lists and reports are created completely and in the correct order, printed or distributed electronically. The generated output is mapped reliably and processed via rule-based job distribution. Therefore, there are no limits to the processing (synchronous or asynchronous), so the document flow can be archived or distributed as a document set to customers or suppliers. Non-performance Windows print servers can be replaced by scalable solutions from SEAL Systems and combined with decentralized printing or Secure & Pick-Up processes.

Processing of 150,000 to 200,000 pages per month corresponds to the usual number of documents for our customers. Our solution components can be operated both on-premise and in the private cloud. Make an appointment now with our expert for a consultation.


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