Automate Document Sharing: Digital Workflow

by André Schnibbe

The push for digitization is growing, especially because many employees are continuing to work from their home office. Now more than ever before, companies are reviewing their processes and adapting them for the mobile workforce.

A driving force for a new – and digital – solution is the ability to access data at any time without dependencies on a physical storage location. To achieve this, the new business processes should be able to operate without any manual intervention by employees.

The digitization process begins with the management of what is entered/inputted into the system. At the point where documents are delivered to a company, whether that is through the mail room or electronically delivered (e.g., Xinvoice) – the actual data is automatically read/captured and further processed in downstream business processes.

Output management: much more than just printing

In output management, each company generates its own information. The data or documents are increasingly processed electronically and only printed when necessary. For this purpose, existing business processes are extended and linked with downstream output procedures in order to make distribution to customers or suppliers easier and more efficient.

Our additional functions make the generated documents more intelligent and secure. SEAL Systems provides solutions for document processing to realize special and individual customer requirements.

  • Secure long-term format as PDF/A
  • Generate digital signatures for PDF documents
  • Create customer documentation automatically
  • Generate intelligent HTML e-mails

In addition to the classic output methods like email or fax, the digital distribution methods are particularly useful because they make the process more secure and easier to understand. These electronic methods include portal solutions, collaboration platforms, or online storage. These solutions can be operated by companies internally or rented as a service (SaaS). With the output engine from SEAL Systems, these modern processes can be combined efficiently:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • SAP Supply Network Collaboration (SNA)
  • Cryptshare Portal
  • and other third-party providers

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