We Integrate the Digital Signature into Your Business Processes!

by Torsten Pfeiffer

In this blog post, we outline some use cases for our solution – digital signature – and explain how SEAL Systems integrates it into your business processes.

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Full Validity for Contracts and Business Communication

Business partners do not always have the same opinion, and not every difference of opinion can be resolved bilaterally. Therefore, it is important for everyone to have the same information base.

Our digital signature preserves the authenticity of business documents. In addition, it is considered to have the same legal validity as a manual signature. Therefore, creating the maximum binding force for all parties involved. It is also an essential component for business processes without media discontinuity.

SEAL Systems integrates the digital signature into your ERP business processes:

  • Securing evidence in purchasing and procurement processes (e-Invoicing, e-Procurement, Contract Management, Final Signature/Sign Off)
  • Conclude customer contracts at Point of Sales (POI) (Mobile Devices)
  • Status management in project systems
  • Electronic right-hand traffic
  • Application for industrial property rights, e.g., at the patent office or standardization organizations


Approval Procedures and Sample Approval Signatures

The Regulations

Many industries that are subject to restrictive regulations by the legislator and standard-setting organizations. Companies with authorities and accredited institutions such as the Federal Aviation Ministry, the Ministry of Consumer Protection and Food Safety, the Federal Pharmaceutical Institute, the Federal Medical Products Institute, etc. must enter into a controlled exchange of information.

SEAL Systems’ Digital Signature 

SEAL Systems’ digital signature makes approval procedures and sample approvals safe, especially from the applicable jurisdiction – and the resulting claims.

Any manipulations made on a document with our digital signature is reliably detected. Therefore, the conclusiveness of the digital signature averts the loss of prestige and economic disadvantages from the company from the outset.

Decision Documentation in Engineering Processes

Traceable release processes and a maintained database are indispensable in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Data Management (PDM). Data that is inadvertently understood to have been released can cause considerable economic damage.

In addition to the IT system side logging and defined release workflow, the formal act of signing can be even better. With a signature, intentional and unintentional manipulation is excluded, and the process is also suitable for transmittal management.

The digital signature reliably secures the legal conclusiveness of the decision made by a natural or legal person.

Project Control and Release Management

With the digital signature, you have a record of the decisions you have made. The solution also makes it possible to sign a batch of documents or technical data packages (TDP)/transmittals in a single signing process. Any decisions made are binding and remain transparent.

Preservation of Evidence in Electronic Incoming and Outgoing Mail

The frequently encountered media mix of electronic applications and subsequent paper documents does not make it easy to keep track of all the information.

The digital signature protects your information from manipulation or inadvertent changes. Also, if you wish, it can be integrated into long-term archiving with PDF/A. As a result, both sender and recipient benefit equally from a reliable information status.

  • Preservation of evidence in the course of applying for funds and measures according to the Social Code II and III (SGB)
  • Proof within the framework of the obligations for the proper execution of banking transactions and financial services by following the German Banking Act (KWG)
  • Avoidance of manipulation in e-mail communication and document exchange (corporate management, board communication)
  • Document assurance of compliance with measures and processes as part of the company’s own compliance management system
  • Legal proof of receipt for contract documents


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