New White Paper: Security of digital Data

by Dr. Uwe Wächter

Whitepaper-Digitale-Datensicherheit New White Paper: Security of digital DataThe know-how of an enterprise is not only in the heads of the employees, but is also kept in numerous documents. These files are stored in file of application management directories or systems, like DMS, PLM or ECM. Here the authorization and access concepts are essential for the protection of the know-how. But what happens, if documents with important product information get into the wrong hands? How can isolated data be protected against unauthorized access?

The actual discussions in politics and publications show: the uncontrolled access to confidental data is a sensitive issue. The protection of these data is more and more demanded and appreciated.

Therefore I wrote a new White Paper about this topic. There I introduce some facts, information and methods for encryption of digital data. My emphasis is laid on document and file-based company information.

Click here to download this white paper.



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