Enterprise Conversion Service in the Cloud

by Torsten Pfeiffer

Start Your Business in the Cloud!

Corporate Conversion Service (CCS) in the Cloud is the solution that meets all document conversion requirements in your company. As a Software as a Service (SaaS), it automatically scales with your business processes. Its architecture is optimized for cloud operation without sacrificing the possibilities of a classic on-premises installation. Operation in modern cloud platforms makes it universally applicable.


Conversion-Cloud-01 Enterprise Conversion Service in the CloudYour Corporate Content in the Optimal Format

Whether it is an e-mail, calculation sheet or graphic-rich documentation, SEAL Systems’ Corporate Conversion Service in the Cloud converts the selected input format into one or more target formats with many variants. A rules engine adds additional services to the conversion process, such as printing file information on the edge of a converted document. Of course, all this is done with the highest quality standards for any content. Users benefit from the care and reliability that SEAL Systems’ conversion solutions have been offering for more than three decades.


The Full Power from the Enterprise Cloud

The Corporate Conversion Service in the Cloud can be integrated into public, private, or hybrid environments. Cloud technologies such as Terraform, Docker and REST API ensure perfect orchestration and seamless integration of the CCS.

With the Corporate Conversion Service in the Cloud from SEAL Systems, you benefit from these advantages:

• Maximum automation of sub-processes in enterprise resource planning and engineering
• Company-wide use of standardized file formats
• 100% integration into your business processes

100% Digital Business

In order to ensure data exchange with other applications, the CCS uses recognized standards and data exchange formats. These include, for example, the widely used Portable Document Format PDF (ISO standard 32.000) and PDF/A for long-term storage (ISO standard 19.005). STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data), JT (Jupiter Tesselation) and Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) can be used to exchange product data, 3D graphics, and object-related meta information.


The Corporate Conversion Server is an elementary building block for electronic end-to-end processes for the…Conversion-Cloud-02 Enterprise Conversion Service in the Cloud
• Creation of archive formats
• Format conversion integrated in ERP processes (Sales-Order, BANF, BIL, Receipt, etc.)
• Content preparation within Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems
• Visualization of 2D/3D graphics on screens and mobile devices
• File conversion for the generation of standardized data exchange formats
• Automatic publishing of high-quality graphical content conversion processes where you need them

Cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure make the Corporate Conversion Service flexibly accessible. This applies to the administrative territory of the European Union as well as to the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) and North and South America (AMER).


Traceable Digitalization and Automation

The Corporate Conversion Server offers freedom for highly individualized conversion processes, such as information exchange in a business-to-business context or direct end customer communication. It is intelligent, integrated, and always a driving force for new ideas:

• Rule-based and event-driven processing
• Export and import of enterprise content to SAP ERP, Microsoft SharePoint, Data rooms
• Parallel readout and import of file information for further process control
• Digital signing in application and approval processes



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