Data Protection Regulation: Compliant Printing with Output Management

by André Schnibbe

Compliance regulations like the Basic Data Protection Regulation in Germany (DSGVO) and GDPR in Europe have been enforced since 2016. These regulations have found their way into many different lives across the world. So, no matter where you are located, being compliant is important to any business. Therefore, in this blog, we will show you how you can use an output management solution to achieve compliant printing across your enterprise.

As a provider of output management software, SEAL Systems has always had a high interest in applying the rules and improvements in data protection to our document and output processes. Therefore, we have partnered with Bitkom to develop a guide to GDPR-Compliant Printing.

Titel-bitkom-guide-200px Data Protection Regulation: Compliant Printing with Output Management

Check your data protection settings now with the Bitkom guide “GDPR-compliant printing” – Download now by clicking here!


This document provides you with an overview of printing and data protection with topics ranging from the definition and areas of application to concrete measures that will help you improve data protection in your company.

Output Management Optimizes Data Protection & Security

Technical measures lend themselves to optimizing the hardware – such as multifunction printers (MFP) or work printers – with regard to the new data protection. Organizational measures at the employee level can also help to achieve improvements and prevent infringements of regulations.

In addition to this, SEAL Systems adds a third aspect – process optimization in output management. Due to our holistic approach, we start on the application level, e.g., in your business software for ERP, SAP, CRM, or in web applications – and end only with the hardware neutral authentication at the printer. Furthermore, we create end-to-end encryption of the print data (print data stream) and guarantee the personal authentication at the printer hardware. Thus, we enable you to print in compliance with regulations like DSGVO and GDPR.

Five More Reasons for an Output Engine from SEAL Systems:

  • Hardware neutrality is guaranteed – use the product mix that suits your company.
  • Your processes are permanently maintained, even when changing to a new printer supplier.
  • Encrypt your print data in LAN, WAN, and the Internet.
  • Use our cloud-native technology to remain future-proof.
  • Reach your printers even beyond network boundaries.


blog-data-protection-printing-overwiew-new-300x206 Data Protection Regulation: Compliant Printing with Output Management

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