Regulatory Control – Are You In Compliance?

by David Salamanek

SEAL_Compliance-271x300 Regulatory Control - Are You In Compliance?Regulatory compliance is a complex, ever changing challenge for companies. It is a target that can shift and change on a daily, sometimes, hourly bases. In today’s Global market, missing the target can mean penalties, loss of import rights and even a kind of public shaming that can reduce the confidence of shareholders along with the market value of a company.

Getting compliance right is important. It matters. Missing or inaccurate information, signatures, watermarks, metadata and a lack of traceability can slow down the delivery and acceptance of products as well as the receipt of payment. Very often the information required for this documentation resides in business, purchasing and engineering systems that do not communicate with one another creating multiple manual tasks. These manual tasks create “gaps” and open the process up to even more error increasing the exposure for a company.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to link these systems together and automate the assembly and distribution of sensitive documents?

SEAL Systems can provide an automated and streamlined process that includes:

  • Gathering  documents from multiple systems (ERP, PLM, CRM)
  • Combining  documents and converting them into PDF/PDF-A
  • Creating an organized document including title page and table of contents
  • Posting metadata to the document
  • Detailed signature pages (time/date/name/role etc…)
  • Providing the necessary watermarks and stamps
  • Required PIN/OCR
  • Securely distributing the document to the right person in the right format to the right end device (print or digital)
  • Creating a historical database for traceability
  • Producing a document in a neutral format that can be securely shared with vendors, suppliers and partners

By automating the document assembly, security and distribution process SEAL Systems can help companies reduce the liability associated with regulatory compliance.

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