Case Study: SAP and Windows Printing at winkler

by Gert Oehler

Read in this blog post how winkler was able to achieve standardization of printing processes and high output quality with the Output Management System from SEAL Systems. Also learn how SEAL Systems was able to transfer all configurations from the previous SAP application based on an AIX system into SAP HANA.

About winkler

winkler-fachberatung-300x200 Case Study: SAP and Windows Printing at winklerwinkler is one of the leading wholesalers for commercial vehicle parts in Europe. In addition to a full range of roughly 200,000 parts, the commercial vehicle specialist offers expert advice and efficient delivery service. The company has 42 locations and more than 1,600 employees. The company is headquartered in Stuttgart, with further operations in Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, and Slovakia.

The Starting Position

Previously, the SAP application at winkler was based on an AIX system that also had its spooler. winkler uses around 400 Windows printers that process around 1,500 Windows spool jobs per day. In addition, around 350 SAP printers are in use, with approximately 12,000 spool requests per day, and 250 label printers process 15,000 spool requests per day.

elivs-light-bulb-e1562948365107-184x300 Case Study: SAP and Windows Printing at winklerAll printing processes running on the AIX system were specific to the company. When a conversion to SAP HANA was due, it was clear that these individual adaptations could not be transferred to the new system. winkler was then not only looking for a solution that was as standardized as possible, but also for a partner with extensive expertise in this area. SEAL Systems, with its output management system PLOSSYS, was, therefore, the first choice.

In addition to the desired standardization of the printing processes, which was to be achieved in the context of the conversion to SAP HANA, the solution from SEAL Systems also offered another significant advantage: With PLOSSYS, printers controlled from SAP can now also be operated from Windows. In this way, two worlds can be combined effortlessly. Thanks to decades of development know-how and 24-hour support, the high availability of this cluster solution was also guaranteed. In addition, a very high quality of the output, which was particularly important to winkler, is ensured with the Output Management System from SEAL Systems.

The Project

First, winkler defined a test group of persons and printers. SEAL Systems set up and configured the Output Management System there. The subsequent test operation ran for two months. It turned out that the parallel environment was set up so well that it could later be partially transferred into a productive environment.
After a successful test run, the printers were migrated from the old SAP system to the new one via export. The data was transferred from winkler in an import format to SEAL Systems and imported into the printer management system easyPRIMA. Thus the complete configuration could be transferred from the AIX spooler into the SAP HANA. The next step was to convert the individual locations. For all locations, the SAP system runs centrally in Stuttgart, but the 42 locations had their own Windows servers, which were maintained separately. This, too, was now to be consolidated. As a first step, the Graz location was converted. This was carried out by an IT expert from winkler, together with the professionals from SEAL Systems. winkler was then able to gradually convert the other locations itself.

The advantages at a glance

  • Simple printer management for SAP + Windows that does not require much customer know-how
  • Maintenance of all printers in a central database
  • High availability
  • High-quality output
  • Simple conversion of new locations, which can be carried out independently by the customer
  • hardware neutrality

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