Bill-of-material Explosion with ECTR integration at SwissOptic

by Matthias Müller

Titelbild-Swiss-Optic-213x300 Bill-of-material Explosion with ECTR integration at SwissOpticIn this case study about SAP bill of material explosion you will read…

  • … which challenges SwissOptic had to solve in the output of construction and material parts lists.
  • … how this output was simplified and automated by the material BOM explosion of SEAL Systems.
  • … which Advantages the ECTR integration offers.
  • … which further advantages SwissOptic has through this solution.


The initial situation

Originally, SwissOptic was not able to output documents from a construction or material BOM from the SAP DMS standard. The SAP standard system simply does not allow you to output documents from a structure. Instead, each individual document must be searched for, opened in the viewer and printed out.

In the course of the project, SwissOptic also introduced the SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR). This resulted in the additional requirement to make the SAP output processes, newly introduced by SEAL Systems, available not only in the standard SAP but also in the ECTR.

SwissOptic uses SAP ERP 6.0 as an ERP system. All documents are managed by SwissOptic in SAP DMS. In addition to storing documents in the SAP DMS, links have been created between the document info record (DIR) and the material. The materials are in material BOMs, which can consist of several levels and a variety of materials..

Read in our case study how SwissOptic solved this challenge!



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