Captain Your Company Data with the Output Control Center

by Catherine O'Toole

Company information is a frontier that is vast and difficult to manage. Learn how you can become the captain of your company data with an Output Control Center.

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The Problem: An Error is Received

It is a tale as old as printers and output. An employee tries to print or digitally output a packet of documents they need from SAP, but they receive an error. The administrator is updated on the problem so they can hunt down the cause and solve it. Minutes and sometimes hours pass as the error is found and resolved.

In the end, both the employee and administrator lose valuable time. Luckily, there is a better way to handle these problems in the future.

SEAL-Ship-v3-300x174 Captain Your Company Data with the Output Control Center

Control Your Output Across the Enterprise

Solve errors quickly and make sure employees can output the documents they need.

With SEAL Systems’ output management solution, the administrator can log in and view all jobs. Using the Output Operator Console the admin can also see what has happened and drill down into each output job to learn more.

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View Output Errors Easily

For example, in the below image, you can see that the highlighted job has a red “X” on it. Therefore, this “X” shows the administrator that the job was executed, but it was not successful.

Image-1-300x131 Captain Your Company Data with the Output Control Center

View Documents & Troubleshoot

When the administrator clicks on the job with the red “X”, they can see a complete view of all documents in the job, along with additional information (cover, document, etc.). This helps the admin drill down into every document and figure out what is stopping the output from happening.

In the image below, you can see how easy it is to identify what is causing the problem: the errors in red are because the output job had some missing sheets.

Image-2-300x213 Captain Your Company Data with the Output Control Center

Error Drill Down

Learn more about the errors received when you select the document with an error.

As the below image shows, you can select the following options to troubleshoot the problem better:

  • View Documents – Shows you the file “as is”
  • Output Preview – Shows a final PDF of the output job as it would look on output
  • Show Log File – Gives a collected amount of detail of what happened and identifies the logged errors in red

Image-3-300x222 Captain Your Company Data with the Output Control Center

Act on Your Insights

Using the information gained from the Output Operator Console, the cause of the output error is quickly identified. Therefore, any/all solutions that are needed can be swiftly implemented.

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