New Case Study: Automatic Distribution of Failure Reports From SAP at Vestas

by Basem Nime

An alarm in a wind turbine requires fast and safe action. Therefore, an automated solution that immediately provides all associated, relevant documents is extremely helpful.

In our newest case study, learn how our customer, Vestas Wind Systems A/S, was able to automatically distribute failure reports to external engineers, technicians and maintenance workers.

The Solution

Working with our partner, Netcare International, we developed a solution that provides users of a Vestas self-service portal with a URL as soon as an alarm occurs at a wind turbine. The URL triggered provides the corresponding PDF documents from the SAP system.

The Advantages

  • Automatic document distribution, triggered by a status change of the documents in SAP DMS
  • Release control, stamps, control and monitoring functions ensure maximum safety
  • Customized “Safety Alert” solution based on latest OData services and new Fiori elements simplify the operation of SAP DMS
  • Future-oriented solution for easy S/4HANA migration, as all tools are S/4HANA and cloud-ready

About Vestas Wind Systems

Vestas Wind Systems A/S, based in Aarhus, Denmark, is the world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbines by sales and installed capacity. The company has around 29,000 employees in 85 countries, including Denmark, Germany, Sweden, the UK, Italy, China, Japan, the USA and Australia.

Download the Case Study


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