Adobe LiveCycle ES Discontinuation – What to Do Next

by Catherine O'Toole

As of March 2018, Adobe discontinued core technical support for Adobe LiveCycle. With the support of Adobe LiveCycle now at an end, the question of what to do next comes to mind. Below is an overview of a market-leading archive replacement solution: PDF/A.

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folder-with-chan-300x255 Adobe LiveCycle ES Discontinuation – What to Do Next

PDF/A Makes Your Document Suitable for Long-Term Archiving

Developed by a consortium of global leadership into the PDF/A ISO standard, this deep time format ensures the long-term, identical reproducibility of PDF files. It also has the capability to archive files for up to 100 years (the usual archival length for many sectors).

PDF/A differs from PDF because of its constraints to ensure long archiving of the documents. Therefore, unlike general use PDF, the PDF/A format prohibits complicated features like font linking and encryption.

PDF/A is already readable by more devices than normal PDFs are!

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Advantages to PDF/A Archiving Compared to Competitor Solutions

PDF/A documents are entirely self-contained. All information needed to display the document is embedded in the file. PDF/A also provides the following benefits:

  • Combine different file formats
  • Search-capability for text
  • Additional space for baseline features (e.g., indexing, digital signatures, etc.)

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PDF-A-265x300 Adobe LiveCycle ES Discontinuation – What to Do Next

PDF/A Conversion – Easy with SEAL Systems

SEAL Systems can assist your company in the integration of database-supported document management. Our solution checks PDF files for compliance with PDF/A regulations and adapts them to fit long-term standards so that the document conversion and storage is in accordance with the PDF/A-ISO standard. Different formats can also easily be changed with our Conversion Server. And as an additional enhancement, our Conversion Server can enrich PDF/As with metadata, structuring of files, digital signatures, document protection, and more.

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  • Convert all documents automatically according to ISO standard
  • Handle 4,000 files with different formats (e.g., docx, html, rtl, and TIFF)
  • And more!

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