Document Management Automation in Teamcenter – Conversion Therapy

by Catherine O'Toole

For many years Teamcenter customers have sought ways to get their mission critical intellectual property from their native formats quickly and easily into safe and secure neutral formats. Users also have a need to get this IP to customers, vendors and other partners without giving away their original documents. One issue during that time has been the Teamcenter Dispatcher. A tool meant to ease the burden of an overstressed server; the Dispatcher has assigned and executed conversion and distribution jobs out of Teamcenter. The problem being the Dispatcher works at a slow pace of one job at a time. Moreover, when a job fails, which is often the case, the Dispatcher does not alert the users to the failure and they in turn have to hunt for the error which adds even more time to an already slow process.

The solution in the past for many Teamcenter Administrators and Engineering Tools and Processes Managers has been to build custom code on top of Teamcenter in order to bypass the Dispatcher. The inherent issues with custom code are far reaching: constant upkeep of the code; software updates; and a myriad of other headaches.

The real solution is an out-of-the-box package that is embedded inside Teamcenter which allows for multiple native files in many different formats to be converted at once outside of the Teamcenter Database. Additionally a tool that can handle automatic distribution to recipient lists pre-populated in easy to build and use templates. Add capabilities such as adding static and dynamic stamps and watermarks, print resource management, publication support, and error handling, this tool would become an integral part of day-to-day operations.

SEAL Systems’ Document Output Center for Teamcenter (DOC4TC) is this solution. DOC4TC provides the ability to convert hundreds, even thousands of files in bulk to neutral formats. It also enables Teamcenter users to place very important stamps and watermarks for compliance issues. Then users have the ability to publish multiple documents into single PDFs with a cover page, table of contents, page numbers and more. Finally they can swiftly distribute these now secure documents to customers and vendors sometimes without the click of a button. Launched manually or by Teamcenter workflows, DOC4TC enables safe, secure, and reliable conversions and distributions allowing your users to get on with more important work.

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