The story of SEAL Systems

40 years of innovation has made us an international market leader in
printing – distribution – conversion – publishing

The story of SEAL Systems


Optimized solutions for information preparation and distribution often require the use of multiple products. With the Information Distribution Platform, we will in future be offering a platform that enables standardized configuration, administration, monitoring and accounting of both our own products and those of our partners. This will offer our customers greater solution flexibility with reduced installation and operating costs.



SEAL Systems’ document handling processes are enhanced with digital signature and digital seal functionality and support interactive as well as fully automated approval processes.



With the increasing importance of SharePoint SEAL Systems develops different interfaces and connection possibilities for solutions such as output management, conversion and SAP.



Industrial production without paper: with Paperless Production – SEAL Systems develops a solution for digital processing of all documents of a production process.



With the development of PLOSSYS 5, SEAL Systems for the first time implements an output management system, which also works with cloud technology.



With RUMAN, SEAL Systems developed a flexible rules engine for defining and monitoring rules for SEAL Systems output management and conversion solutions.



With DDP4TC, SEAL Systems provides a document distribution platform for Teamcenter: It defines and automatically executes distribution orders – providing customers and suppliers with extensive documents (and changes) securely and with minimal expense.



SEAL Systems delivers the first mobile solutions for PickUp Printing and printing from mobile apps. With additional apps for SAP maintenance, documentation requests and processing of notifications.



Documentation made easy: CMS Connect from SEAL Systems is the standard product for two-way coupling of content management systems with SAP.



More than 1,100 businesses in over 40 countries use SEAL Systems solutions to optimize their operational processes.



SEAL Systems develops “Printing – Distribution – Publishing – Conversion”, a complete suite for Siemens PLM Teamcenter.



Four product lines and interfaces from SEAL Systems are SAP-certified.



Corporate output management redefined: business, network and engineering printing with integrated device administration and monitoring.



SEAL Systems is the leading international provider of output management in the technical arena.



SEAL Systems defines a standard interface for SAP and editing systems. And, SEAL Systems is the Number 1 provider of PDF/A solutions in engineering!



Introduction of SAP Records Management Suite for output, distribution and conversion.

SEAL Systems defines direct publishing and introduces DPF (Digital Process Factory®) technology.



SEAL Systems is the first provider to deliver integrated solutions for business, engineering and network printing.



Number 1 in integrated output of complete documentation stacks for SAP business processes.



SEAL Systems has the most standard integrations for all leading PDM/PLM/DMS systems.



SEAL Systems develops the first certified output solution for SAP DVS.



PLOSSYS Archive is the leading solution for digital drawing archiving in Germany.



SEAL Systems delivers the world’s first solution for digital drawing archiving with integrated repro functionality.



SEAL Systems is the first company to integrate digital large-format printers in output management systems.



SEAL Systems delivers the world’s first plot management system.



The world’s first implementation of the graphic core system GKS.