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SAP S/4HANA Certification: Output Management & Document Conversion

The number of our customers who use S/4HANA is growing continuously. This is why we have sought certification for our "Output Management Suite"  by SAP for the “ABAP Add-On Deployment for SAP S/4HANA” integration scenario. Also, as we did in the past, we provided SAP with current ...

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How to Decide if You Should Migrate to S/4HANA

As we enter a new decade, the deadline to move to SAP S/4HANA by 2025 to maintain support from SAP is quickly approaching. Read the below to learn more about S/4HANA – and how to decide if you should jump on the migration in 2020. SAP HANA Versus S/4HANA: What’s the Difference? SAP HANA SAP HANA was ...

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News from S/4HANA and SEAL Systems

At the end of 2016 we reported in this article about our project for the migration of our solutions to S/4HANA. In the meantime, most of these planned projects have been completed and the initial installations with customers are productive so that today we can inform you about the current status. In doing so, we will be looking at the adaptation of SEAL ...

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Upgrading to S/4HANA

SEAL Systems is officially certified on the S/4HANA platform. We have already worked with a number of customers to upgrade to this platform in 2017. In order to support customers with the transition to S/4HANA “On Premise”, we test current SEAL Systems add-ons on S/4HANA and adjust them where ...

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S/4HANA SEAL Systems

The successor to SAP Business Suite, which will no longer be supported after 2025, will be replaced by S/4HANA, which has been available since 2015. SEAL Systems customers are now starting projects with S/4HANA, which raises the question of the compatibility of SEAL Systems add-ons with the software. In this blog post you’ll read about how we help our ...

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SEAL Systems: Summer Wrap Up

... topics like digital solutions, cloud printing, output management, and more! In case you missed all the great summer content, we have compiled some of our favorite highlights in the blog below.   SEAL Systems Is Certified for SAP S/4HANA In 2017, SEAL Systems was one of the first suppliers to be certified by SAP for S/4HANA. Now, our Output Management and Conversion solutions have been certified again. To learn more about our re-certification for S/4HANA, check out our blog – ...

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Digital distribution
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Case Study: SAP and Windows Printing at winkler

... of printing processes and high output quality with the Output Management System from SEAL Systems. Also learn how SEAL Systems was able to transfer all configurations from the previous SAP application based on an AIX system into SAP HANA. About winkler winkler is one of the leading wholesalers for commercial vehicle parts in Europe. In addition to a full range of roughly 200,000 parts, the commercial vehicle specialist offers expert advice and efficient delivery service. The ...

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How an Output Management Solution Can Help You Reduce IT Operational Costs

... a secure, device-neutral, and transparent distribution of documents and information from SAP to all users, and creates a "central hub" or "cockpit" so administrators can centrally control, monitor, and trace all output processes. What About S/4HANA? SEAL Systems is certified on the S/4HANA platform. Therefore, our products that are based on the S/4HANA Enterprise Cloud can be readily installed and applied. Windows Output Management for Windows provides easy and straightforward printing ...

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PLOSSYS 5 and Kubernetes

... a separate autoscale group: if the manager nodes should fail, AWS automatically restarts new manager nodes so that the cluster never fails completely. SEAL Systems monitors cluster performance with Prometheus and creates dashboards with Graphana. The following picture shows the state of the cluster with three nodes and two CPU cores and 16 GB RAM (6 cores and 48 GB RAM in total). There are 36 services active on the cluster, including databases, PLOSSYS services and monitoring. The ...

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