PLOSSYS®netdome: System for enterprise-wide Management

Ausgabemanagement, SAP, BC-XOMWhat is PLOSSYS netdome?

PLOSSYS netdome is a powerful Output Management Engine, which optimally meets all requirements for enterprise-wide print and distribution of documents and information. PLOSSYS netdome is the central platform of the Corporate Output Management solution from SEAL Systems.

Drucken aus SAP, Output ManagementWhat can PLOSSYS netdome do?

PLOSSYS netdome connects all applications with all output channels. It does the data preparation (conversion, stamping, scaling), spooling and controls the output channels (printer, plotter or electronic output methods). PLOSSYS netdome works with all data formats from all applications (ERP, host systems, web, Windows® and Offi ce®, digital archive, DMS, PLM, and CAD) in the company and provides trouble-free, optimally controlled output on all output channels. Furthermore, it provides a wide range of functions around all aspects of your print structure and processes.

Printing from SAP, Drucken, SAP SpoolWho benefits from PLOSSYS netdome?

All companies and institutions with business-critical print processes. All CIOs, who want to enhance effi ciency and safety for print infrastructure and want to reduce print costs. All people responsible for IT infrastructures who want to spend less time on error investigation and recovery of print processes and want to optimize output administration. All users: because printing is easy if it always works!

PLOSSYS netdome in a nutshell:

PLOSSYS netdome Output Management
  • Control of all output of an enterprise (from all applications to all output channels)
  • All possibilities of print and electronic output
  • Large and small format
  • Integrated conversion fo rdevice and application-independent processing of output streams
  • Reliable, fail-safe spooling at all enterprise locations
  • Complete transparency of all output processes for users and administrators
  • Cost and throughput control with integrated accounting

corporate output managementEnterprise-wide printing and electronic distribution - in all formats on all devices. For your ERP / PLM / Office and CAD environment or all together: PLOSSYSnetdome is the one solution for all purposes:

  • Business Printing
    Output services for SAP Spool: list printing, form printing with integrated document output. Distribution as print or electronically.

  • Engineering Printing
    Output services for PLM, CAD and archive.

  • Network Printing
    Standardized print solution for Office, desktop, and terminal server environments.

Printing is very simple:

  • Multi-Source-Input
    Data from many sources like Office, PDM, Archive, ERP, CAD, and formats as PDF, TIFF, HPGL, CGM, DOC, XLS, DWG, JPG, TXT, SAPGOF...
  • Multi-Channel-Output
    Distribution to printing devises (large and small format) of all manufacturers, models or electronically as an email, CD or to the world-wide-web. SEAL Systems offers a unique variety of print and distribution processes for all applications:

ISO 9000 compatible document distribution by printing of recipient information and status.

Easy system administration, device, job controlling and accounting.

Modular software architecture allows you to use PLOSSYS® netdome as a slim solution for windows printing within a corporate output management system.

Document Output Management from SEAL Systems is used by more than 1,000 midsized and global operating corporations world-wide.


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